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December 02, 2011

Christmas Carol for 2nd ESO-B

Hi boys and girls of 2nd B!!
Here you have our Christmas Song. There are several videos with the same song, choose the one you like most.
I hope you enjoy it. The best way is singing it. It's funny and romantic.
Try your best, we want to win!

December 01, 2011

Christmas Carol for 1st ESO-B

Hi everybody!!

Here you have your song: "Santa Claus is comingo to Town" by Justin Beiber.
I hope you enjoy singing it ;)

Before Christmas we had Halloween
Well, here you have some of the pictures of that scary day.... Booooo!

Oh! What a monster!... It is really scary!

There were some died people who returned to live!

And there was also a witch!

More monsters!

Here, they are the students of 1st of ESO group B.

More students of 1st ESO group B.

And here they are the 2nd of ESO group B... are they scared? No! They are enjoying the show!

They are really scary too!