Este blog ha sido creado para el uso de toda la comunidad educativa del IES Guillermina Brito y en especial del alumnado inmerso en el proyecto bilingüe del centro.

June 14, 2012

Hi everybody!! I would like to comment my opinion about ICT and blogs in class. I have to say that blogs enriches students and teachers because they are a way to share a space where they can express themselves, learn, show many things and debate. I’ve used it a lot (although I like to use the Moodle/EVAGD, too). I also have another blog for all my students in the high school. But this one is just for the CLIL groups. Here I use to upload our school projects, some photos of the groups (such as those in which they did a play, Halloween time, Christmas Carols, Saint Valentine’s). Moreover, it is very useful. I usually post a reminder of the film (a trailer) that we are going to watch in our video-classes and so on. I often combine both things, for example I give my students a task in which they have to watch a video in the blog and then, they have to go to the EVAGD and write about it. Finally, I recommend everybody to use a blog for all the reasons said above.