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January 12, 2012

New Series for 1st of ESO: "Neverland"

        Hi everybody!!
   We will start this new term with a new serie. It is called "Neverland" and it's based on the story of Peter Pan. It has action and deals with frienship, freedom and effort. 
   I hope you like it ;)

The New Series for 2nd of ESO: "Treasure Island"

       Hi everybody!!

   Here you have the trailer for the new serie we're going to work in class. It's called "Treasure Island". It's based on the novel of Robert Louis Stevenson, author of "Robinson Crusoe", too. 
   Treasure Island has action, emotion and good special effects. It's been one of the most successful series in the U.K. and U.S.A. 
   We hope you like it.

The Christmas Carols

                           Hi everybody!!
We had a great time on 22nd December, didn't we?
Well, here we have some photos of that funny day. I hope you enjoy them all!
We'll start with the bilingual groups and them with the rest of groups at IES Guillermina Brito ;)

The fisrt group is 2nd of ESO group B.

They prepared a good perfomance.

They sang and danced a lot :)

And... here it is their moment of fame ;)

Their teacher was there to support and encourage them, of course!

The second group is 1st of ESO group B.

They were very shy in the show because this is their first time. However, we're sure that next year, they will be better!

Now, the rest of the groups.

1st of ESO group A.

The students of Music played a wonderful Canarian Christmas Carol.

2nd of ESO group A.

3er of ESO group A.

4th of ESO group A.

4th of ESO group B.